For the love of gold and pink: into the world of Nuun jewelry store in Paris

When the owner of a jewelry shop has a deep love for gold and pink, you know you will end up in a soft-hued store with a very specific color palette!

French studios Java Architecture and Atelier Brunoir designed a stunning store interior for a Saudi designer, Nourah Al Faisal, brains behind brand jewelry Nuun in Paris, who happens to be absolutely smitten with all tonalities of gold and pink colors.

The shop is not big in size, as it is of approximately 70 square meters, so the challenge was about how to place two uncommon colors in such a small space without it looking overloaded and oversaturated.

The architects started by setting guidelines for color use: Pink should be diffused by indirect light while Gold should be present through a number of brass construction elements and accents.


Looking at wall surfaces, as soon as you enter the shop, the main long wall was kept purely white; however, due to the light reflected off the pink-backed panels in front of it, the wall appears to have a pale but quite pinkish color.

Another wall surface located at the back of the store followed as well the pink usage guidelines. It has an ombre effect as it is gradient from white at the top to pink at the bottom.



When it comes to flooring, light colored parquet floors give an overall unity and soberness to the store, as it give it a classic timeless and neutral feel.

What about the gold color? Well, as previously mentioned, brass is used in different architectural and furniture details. All the frames and shelving in which the designed jewelry pieces are exposed have a brass finishing, giving the jewelry a surface to contrast with.

The gray, blue, and caramel toned velvet chairs have thin brass legs that go well with the simple wood tables and different brass lighting pieces that are spread across the store.

To wrap it all up, a jigsaw of brass and silver mirrors gives the small boudoir space depth and modernity.



I personally came across this store on social media, and I absolutely fell in love with it. It is fantastic what architects and designers can do with a small space, and how much character they can give it by following clear colors and material guidelines. It is also quite surprising to feel immersed in a universe of strong colors like pink and gold and feel that it has not been used in an overloaded way, but rather manipulated for the right touches. This jewelry store is modern, yet not too much, timeless, yet not boring, personal to the jewelry designer, yet universal.


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