Bar Botanique in Amsterdam

An amazing new bar and diner in Amsterdam has opened and it has been creating a buzz in the architecture world.

Designed by Studio Modijefsky, the new place “Bar Botanique” revolves all around the notion of plant life, as its name clearly suggests. In other words, the entire place has a rainforest-like feel. Tropical greenery found in jungles such as palm trees, ferns philodendron, and monsteras are all over the walls, windows, and ceiling.


Emphasizing and complementing this greenery, the architects decided to introduce and use hanging mobiles and circular reflective mirrors all throughout the double-height space. During the day, these furniture items throw dappled light and reflect the plants, echoing the kind of lighting in a forest when rays of light spill through trees and plants. During the night, lights shine on the plants, creating dramatic shadows on the walls and ceiling of the place.



In terms of planning, the bar is elongated and maximizes its site’s corner frontage: it enjoys an abundance of natural lighting on two sides thanks to generous windows of double-height glazing, hinting at the architecture of a greenhouse.


You can also notice the different seating areas in Bar Botanique. There is a lounge area, delimited with oak parquet flooring and furnished with 1950s Topform Holland armchairs and sofas in the yellow and blue colors. There is also a bar area characterized by geometric patterns: steel arched glass racks, green patterned hexagonal tiles hinting at palm leaves, patterned marble top.



The mezzanine also created two space at two different levels. Below, under the low ceiling, orange washed walls illuminate the space. Upstairs, green covered walls are toned down with soft brown leather booth seatings.



Studio Modijesky was in charge of the entire visual identity of Bar Botanique, which is why they also designed a new typography for it. Looking at the building from the outside, you would directly notice that the logo wraps around the façade with large metal letters on each window, spelling the name of the bar on its façade.


I personally came across this bar and really loved how it was designed. It is not the usual architectural language that I typically like but it has a lot of character and it is such a visually rich interior space. I think the architects really succeeded at giving this forest-like effect through many different layers such as the materials, the furniture, the lighting, the textures… They also created a series of different spaces within this bar that have different feels and different characters, which is really a plus. Last but not least, I think mixing strong colors in architecture is very tough, and in this case, I feel there is the right amount of each color without being too much or even overwhelming. Bar Botanique is as lush as it can be!







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