Repossi Store in Paris by OMA

International architecture firm OMA has designed the brand new flagship store of high-end jewelry house Repossi, in Place Vendome, Paris.

Spread over 90 square meters on three floors, the retail interior has been organized according to the concept of movement. Customers are expected to experience and shop at three different speeds: fast, slow and very slow.

Each floor is designed as a response to one of these shopping paces; which is why the store is divided into three distinct spaces. The basement symbolizes an extra slow shopping pace by being a personal vip salon with specific customized services for clients and exploration of special jewelry pieces. The ground floor is more about a fast track experience by being the most public space and an extension of street. The first floor features a slow gallery space in which the entire Repossi collection is exhibited for interested clients.




When it comes to materials, OMA is well known for experimenting and exploring by mixing unconventional materials. Here, special colored mirrors and surfaces were developed with Dutch-designer Sabine Marcelis, making the store a space of contrasted degrees of reflections and color refraction. In other words, the store exposes a rich interplay of different metallic and reflective surfaces.



One of the main design elements in the store consists of a kinetic installation happening on the ground floor which is both display and architecture. This installation is conceived on the main wall as a huge rotating billboard with three alternating sides: a bronze colored mirror, a traditional mirror, and a display system. This installation transforms the space while allowing it to adapt to different needs and functions.


Another main design feature is the elaborate staircase imposing itself in the store. It overlaps two vertical systems: a solid mass strongly linking the basement and the ground floor and a light suspended tread flowing between the ground floor and the first level.



I think it is quite interesting for a firm like OMA to work on a micro-scale of jewelry after years of dealing with the macro-scale of architecture.  It is about a new micro-landscape with experimentation on micro-scale design and the staging of jewelry within the boundaries of architecture.









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