Guigu Spa Pavilion in China

Designed by Lin Kaixin Design, the Guigu Spa Pavilion in Fuzhou, China, aims at providing a very peaceful meditative experience for everyone, while at the same time offering a space that is contemporary, with hints of tradition and culture. The pavilion offers different spaces with different characters and designs.

** The reception area: This is one of my favorite spaces. It is simple, sleek, and yet sophisticated. The flooring is made of shaded grey rectangular wooden planks, which add a very smooth texture to the room. The two longitudinal walls are basically large floor-to-ceiling windows superimposed with natural wood frames holding a multitude of thin vertical wooden fins. The third smaller wall behind the reception desk is made of the same natural wood but instead of vertical fins, the entire surface looks like a wooden surface with repetitive punched circular holes. In other words, the walls offer a very rugged texture that contrasts with the smooth surface of the floor. In terms of furniture, the main elements that are present in the space are a large stone desk with a wooden tabletop and a kind of lighting installation made of a wooden planks volume on the white ceiling with four pendant lights illuminating the desk.




** The lounge area: This space is directly opposite of the reception area. The same flooring material is used; however, the main wall of the space is cladded with a new material: a light-colored stone module that is repeated in a grid-like manner. This space has an additional layer of complexity in design compared to the previous one. First, the lighting is more present in small touches. You can see hidden lighting under floating shelves as well as floor spots lighting the stone wall subtly. Also, the ceiling goes from being plain white to a wooden beams and ribs system, adding a more natural feel to this lounge area. When it comes to the furniture, a very natural and neutral palette of light greys and beiges is used in order to merge with the architectural materials.



** The private spa rooms: Here, wood takes over as the main material. Walls, chairs, tables, lights, sinks structures, all are made of natural colored wood, but in different shapes, textures, and forms. At specific moments, the architects added natural greyish stone walls to break the monotony and to add depth to some spaces.





I think the Guigu Spa Pavilion has been designed in a very effortless way, in the sense that the spaces do not feel over designed or over thought. It almost feels as if everything fits together so naturally and so smoothly. The use of natural materials such as stone and wood generated a peaceful atmosphere throughout the spa while at the same time surprising the customer with much textured surfaces that bring spaces to life. Every corner in the pavilion offers a meditative backdrop mixing ultimate simplicity and sophistication.





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