Waldeck Café in Amsterdam by Framework Studio

Located in Amsterdam, Waldeck is the new café that has taken the city by storm with a stunning design by Framework Studio.  This café occupies the ground floor of an early 20th century brick building with a glass annex that was added recently.

The interior architecture of the café revolves around the large bar taking place in the middle of the space.  The main materials of the bar are oak wood and brass with high stools in a warm dark red leather and brass base. Behind the bar, the space has an Art Deco feel, with a high patchwork wall of dark blue panels and clear or fume mirror panels.


The rest of the café, happening around the bar, has this Parisian botanical feel that is created through different design features. First, part the floor of the café is covered by a French woolen carpet with a banana leaves pattern. This carpet comes in black and white shades, still offering a relatively neutral backdrop despite the heavy pattern. Another part of the floor is left to more natural materials: wooden parquet with beige/brownish colors.  Second, the Thonet chairs in rattan with a black skeleton add charm and complement the Parisian experience along with the round blue tables with a peripheral brass ring. Last but not least, the place is completely transparent to the outside: the façade consists of a glazing system (that can completely open in summertime) allowing the interior to be fully naturally lit, and the ceiling is also made of glass blocks supported by a steel framing system.


What is also worth mentioning about the design choices for this cafe is the color palette. During the day, as previously mentioned, the space is very lit making the red, blue and brass colors pop out as crisp and sharp. In the nighttime, the brass and red colors become more intense and offer a darker intimate atmosphere for drinks.


Another important dimension in the design revolves around the consistency in the brass material. On top of the central bar, you can notice a thin linear structure holding brass cylindrical lighting elements. The same linear structure is repeated on top of the line of table parallel to the bar. Also, the door leading from the café to the kitchen was designed carefully: it is painted matte black with large brass hinges, a brass door handle superimposed on a brass flat surface, and a circular brass ring enclosing a mirror window.



I personally loved how this space mixes so many different colors, materials and moods: wood, brass, carpet, rattan, leather, red, blue, gold, black, white, etc… but still manages to offer a sophisticated setting with an omnipresent sense of style!







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