Shoe Paradise: Aquazzura Flagship store in New York

Florence-based footwear brand, Aquazzura, founded by Edgardo Osorio, has just unveiled its Madison Avenue flagship designed by interior designer Ryan Korban.

Korban’s spaces usually rise from monochromatic palettes. However, for this flagship store, he was pushed by Osorio to design something that is not just chic, but surprising.

Going into Aquazzura on Madison Avenue, you directly get immersed into a world activated by a mix of colors and materials.


Looking at materials, you will be directly noticing the dominance of shiny brass as the material for all of the shelving stands and frames, for all the table legs, as well as for the lighting fixtures.  You will also find white and light grey marble in the flooring and in the furniture such as the table tops and the bases of the shelving stands. When it comes to the couches, velvet is used to add glamour and comfort.


Looking at colors, the Aquazzura flagship proposes a rich palette of gold because of the brass, blushed pink on the walls and flooring, and black and white. The blushed pink went from being an actual color to being a neutral by using it smartly in excess. It ceases being perceived as a color when it extends everywhere and becomes the backdrop. The black and white stripes are inspired by the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella in Florence (being the location of the brand’s headquarters), which is why they are mainly used on the columns and arches, referencing the Roman temple.


This amazing mix of materials and colors created a timeless palette for an unparalleled space.

Other architectural and decoration elements worth mentioning include the graphic marble flooring that combines white and grey marble and blushed pink marble in diamond-shaped modules. I also loved the plaster Chippendale mirrors spread around the store adding a vintage touch to the setting.


In order to expose this two-floor boutique to the public, the 17-foot building’s original façade was designed to be a glass transparent storefront that makes its interior more arresting.


I think the Aquazzura brand created a playful seductive flagship store that mixes old and new: it consists of a kind of antique setting with modern furniture.  On top of that, it merges classic Florentine elements with a contemporary Manhattan aesthetic and by doing so; it pays homage to its hometown while holding on to the brand’s Italian roots.





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