La Perla Flagship Store in Aoyama, Tokyo

Leading luxury lingerie brand La Perla has just opened its newest flagship store in the Aoyama fashion district in Tokyo, Japan.

Designed by Italian architectural studio, Baciocchi Associati, the store stands out from the rest of the stores in that district because of its irregular asymmetrical structure and its huge floor-to-ceiling glass panels wrapping the building. The slanted lines and profile of the building as well as its corner location allow it to impose itself and present itself quite aggressively.


The boutique was conceived to act as an art gallery showcasing the maison’s collections, in other words it was designed around the concept of integrating art into fashion, design and structure.

The interior character of the space revolves around many architectural elements that work in harmony together.

First of all, the flooring of the store is either in white marble with light grey veins, for the womenswear on the ground and first floor, offering a lavish neutral backdrop to the decoration, or in dark Carnico marble for the menswear on the last floor for a more masculine milieu.


Secondly, some of the walls of the boutique consist of backlit golden metallic mesh, inspired by the weave of tulle that gave birth to La Perla’s creations, and adding warmth to the boutique.


Two of the most striking elements are visual merchandising features repeating itself throughout the store: a large fiberglass sphere pearled outside and chromed inside, in which mannequins are carefully placed and a large Plexiglas box, in which clothes are hung.



Another architectural feature revolves around the color coding demarcating the distinct areas within the womenswear: different tonalities of light pink, lilac and sky blue on the metallic mesh walls are coordinated with the carpets and used to define specific zones within the ground and first floor of the boutique.


The last striking element in the flagship store happens in the Private Lounge. A spherical volume invites you in a private space with a greyish lilac interior intermitted by lighting lines for a more dramatic effect. It is as if you are being transported into a spherical treasure box.


I personally loved the contrast between the exterior and interior of the store. This boutique’s exterior is sharp with no subtleties: it is about only aggressive lines and transparent surfaces.

The interior is nothing like it. Inside, it is all about material layering, soft lighting, luxurious comforting furniture and soft color palettes. In other words, it is subtle, sensual, elegant and luxurious.






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