Tango Lighting Collection by Paul Matter

Indian design studio Paul Matter has unveiled its debut collection of lighting, entitled Tango, composed of lamps with reflective brass shades as well as globe-shaped lights.

The idea behind this collection was to create lighting pieces that look like sculptures floating in space.

The first range of lamps, the ones with the reflective brass shades that look like satellite dishes, is hung on a central stem with a hinged elbow that can be directed to adjust the lamp’s angle. The rounded shade made from brass, hand beaten and patinated with a finishing technique from India, reflects the light in a very soft diffused way.


The second range of lamps work in the same way: a central stem with a hinged elbow. However, there is no shaded brass but rather a large bulb directly diffusing light into the space.


The Tango collection proposes lighting fixtures that have at the same time a vintage and a modern dimension. The materials used such as aged brass and etched glass give a sculptural feel to the collection while the articulating elbows convey a sophisticated armature.

I think that Paul Matter created a lighting collection that is aesthetically very elegant and rich in materials. It is minimal and contemporary with a hint of vintage.






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