Spectacular Wine Shop in Rotterdam

Architects Rik de Ruiter and Luuk Stoltenborg of architecture studio AAAN designed a stunning new wine store called Wijn aan de Kade in the center of Rotterdam.

This shop takes place in an old building that has been there since 1896, but that lost much of its historical character, calling for a need to make a grand gesture.

Wine shop 14

The idea behind the design is actually a quite straightforward one: the entire longitudinal space has been transformed into a long contemporary boutique with its main two side walls covered with 2100 oak panels, engraved with famous wine brands.

All of the oak panels hide cabinet walls storing wine boxes, alternating with cutout sections displaying over 300 bottles of wine.

The continuous wooden treatment of the side walls creates a more intense feeling of endlessness and directionality while at the same time giving the space a bold identity and character.

Wine shop 2

Wine shop 9

To balance the wood material and color, the entire floor of the shop is of a light grey tone, offering more brightness and glow, while the furniture elements are of a darker grey tone.

One of the nicest architectural elements in the wine shop consists of the amazing staircase. The threads, again in light grey, appear floating held left and right by the railing that is made of a multitude of thin dark grey vertical lines. The lightness and airiness of the staircase creates a contrast with the wooden solid walls of the shop.

Wine shop 1

Wine shop 15

On the upper floor, wine lovers can enjoy a tasting area with the same wall features but dominated by a rectangular longitudinal table in the middle of the space. The surface of the table exposes maps of wine regions engraved into the wood, in order to educate guests.

Wine shop 4

Wine shop 5

The last area in the shop is the wine cellar in the underground level. Being lowly lit, it enjoys a more intriguing atmosphere compared to the upper floors that are very bright.

Wine shop 3

I personally loved that new wine shop in Rotterdam. I think that the concept behind it is bold, and is very well executed.  The materials, colors, textures, are all very harmonious in their differences. The overall result creates an experience that is one of a kind.

Wine shop 12

Wine shop 13

Wine shop 8

Wine shop 10

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