Mrs. Pound Restaurant in Hong Kong

In the midst of Hong Kong’s antique district, you can find a small 150 m2 restaurant and bar offering Asian fusion cuisine but most importantly a story.

The restaurant designed by NC Design & Architecture NCDA does not expose itself to the street but rather hides discretely behind the façade of an old neighborhood stamp shop.

Mrs. Pound 1

  • Why is the restaurant concealed behind a shop?

The story is actually quite intriguing!

The entire concept of the restaurant revolves around the fictional narrative of two past lovers who secretly reunite and meet up in midlife. The first character, Mrs. Pound, a famous burlesque dancer, seeks refuge in the arms of the second character, her childhood love Mr. Ming, a passionate stamp collector. In order for their secret relationship to exist and survive, Mr. Ming establishes a small stamp shop as the perfect front to disguise their clandestine meeting spot: Mrs. Pound Restaurant.

Mrs. Pound 2

  • How do clients access the restaurant?

The story only keeps getting better!

In order to gain access to Mrs. Pound Restaurant, clients need to activate a hidden mechanical door by pressing on a secret stamp that is placed within a massive illuminated vitrine. This is the moment where the hidden world of the clandestine meetings gets revealed.

Mrs. Pound 14

  • What are the most striking design features of the restaurant?

The restaurant is divided into two main spaces, the lower dining area and the upper dining area.

The lower dining area consists of a glamorous feminine setting through the dominant use of the pink color in the pink leather banquettes, pink patterned Chinese tiles, and through the mirrored marquee lights and delicate gold details.

Mrs. Pound 4

Mrs. Pound 13

Contrasting with this section of the restaurant, the upper dining area offers a more masculine environment through the dominant use of the green color in the floor tiling and in the bar stools, and through the diagonal concrete panels and neon artwork lighting.

Mrs. Pound 9

Mrs. Pound 8

These two restaurant spaces meet up and merge at the bar: the tiling shifts in color from pink to green highlighted by the amazing gymnastic ring lights designed by NCDA.

Mrs. Pound 3

Mrs. Pound 10

  • How does the architecture of the restaurant honor the clandestine love story?

The entire restaurant is today a testimony of the love Mrs. Pound and Mr. Ming had for each other. It is a walk down memory lane of their different worlds merging into one for the brief moment of their clandestine nights. And the design says it all: a hybrid setting mixing two different languages, filled with vintage photos that tell the story of Mrs. Pound’s mysterious life.

Mrs. Pound 7

Mrs. Pound 5

Mrs. Pound 6

Mrs. Pound 11

All photos courtesy of Dennis Lo Designs and Justin Lim.

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